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> Ebay Raises Barrier-to-Entry on LOCAL, Ebay tries 25% investment in Craigslist
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Christopher Paige

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Ebay.com and Craigslist.com have announced that Ebay has purchased a 25% stake in Craigslist.

Why exactly does Ebay need a Craiglist? I submit to you that it doesn't. Ebay, or anyone else, can pop up a Craiglist website in about 30 minutes.

I suppose there will always be certain things with MASS appeal that can best be sold/marketed on MASS oriented websites and through TV Ads. However, I think the number of things that can be mass marketed in a "one pitch fits all" kind of way will continue to shrink. AND, I think Ebay's investment in Craigslist is merely an effort by Ebay to mount a defense against Yahoo, Google, Me and everybody and his brother slicing off LOCAL MARKETS from Ebay.com.

With Craigslist's success in San Francisco, Ebay had to see that, while it still had the MASS, any clown could just slice off a city and run with it. Craigslist understood San Franciso better than Ebay and was able to slice off San Franciso not only from Ebay, but also from other MASS oriented websites like monster.com and hotjobs.com.

But, I submit to you that Craiglist doesn't really know diick about New York City (I fully intend to slice off New York City from the MASS oriented websites and run with it).

I also fail to see how a strategy that worked in a San Francisco stands a snow ball's chance in hell of working in a Washington DC (a city that is 80% Black).

One of the really great examples of doing a local niche right was/is Zagat's Restaurant Guide. Pardon my french, but isn't local.yahoo.com essentially a real-time Zagat for every locality (not only for restaurants but for everything you can think of)?

With the big boys and the little boys all looking to go local, it was/is only a matter of time before someone else slices off some city from Ebay; and then someone else slices off another city and on and on until there is really no need for Ebay.com. Ebay's interest in Craiglist, IMHO, is merely an effort to create a larger "barrier to entry" for every Tom, Diick and Harry who is thinking maybe about slicing off an "Ebay City" for himself.

Ebay's message is: "You better think twice about trying to slice off New York City from us because Craigslist is already in New York City and it now has our muscle behind it".

Unfortunately, (as I said) I don't think Craig knows enough about how New York City works to hold on to New York City. But hey, Ebay can buy my Black Aass for the right price. I never claimed NOT to be a Ho.

see also: I Am The Anti-Craig at http://www.tempcity.com/dramanyc/index.php?showtopic=3142
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Peter Everhard
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I'd like to see Ebay, Monster or some other mass marketing outfit - answerable to those God Fearing Dumbasses in the Outback - TRY to do a website of Gay Women-Hating New York City Sociopaths hell bent on having everyone in America working for their own employee-owned companies.

Me thinks our little niche here is secure.

Workforce Investment San Francisco (WISF) Board - Very Interesting

Responding to a post on craigslist's special forum on the Ebay stake, I pointed out that the Federal Government has an initiative to create One Stop Career Centers as a result of the passage of the Workforce Investment Act. I pointed out that the Federal Government and the States are providing FREE job posting services.

I then began to wonder, if posting jobs on craigslist is so popular and successful in San Francisco and if craigslist has such a large percentage of the job postings market in San Franciso, exactly what the fahk is the One Stop in San Franciso doing with those government dollars?

Well, I did a quick search on Google and I found a web page for the One Stop in San Francisco. Low and behold Craig Newmark appears to be listed as one of the people on the "Private Industry Council" for the San Francisco One Stop System.


Title & organization

Lynn Bunim
LWIB Chair
Executive Director, External Affairs, SBC

Leslie L. Luttgens
LWIB Vice Chair
Chairwoman, B.L.T.F. Deputies

Michael Blecker
Executive Director, Swords to Plowshares

Rosalie A. Bulach
One Stop Committee Chair
President, Name-Finders Lists, Inc.

Pamela S. Calloway
Chief of Staff
President, Private Industry Council S.F.

Anni Chung
Executive Director, Self-Help for the Elderly

Ann Cochrane
Youth Council Chair
Executive Director, San Francisco Conservation Corps

Kimberly Cousin
Vice President/Director of Government Relations, Well Fargo

Philip Day
Chancellor, City College of San Francisco

Nicholas L. de Lorenzo
Director, National Council on the Aging

Theresa Feeley
Executive Director, San Francisco Works

Gregg Fortner
Executive Director, San Francisco Housing Authority

Sally Gallegos
Executive Director, United Indian Nations, Inc.

Linda Groah
Hospital Operations Director, Kaiser Permanente

Aileen Hernandez
President, Aileen C. Hernandez Associates

Phyllis Jackson
Vice President, Corporate Diversity, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Dwayne Jones
Executive Director, Mayor's Office of Community Development

Curt Kirschner
Partner, O'Melveny & Myers, LLP

Nate Mason
Executive Director, Economic Opportunity Council of S.F., Inc.

Brian Murphy
Research & Evaluation Committee Chair
President, De Anza College

Nathan Nayman
Employer Services Committee Chair
Executive Director, Committee on JOBS

Craig Newmark
Founder / Chairman / Customer Service Representative, craigslist.org

John Poremba
Regional Manager, North Division, California Employment Development Department

Trent Rhorer
Program Investment Committee Chair
Executive Director, San Francisco Department of Human Services

Darlene Rutkowski
District Administrator, California Department of Rehabilitation

Tom Ryan
Community Services Liaison, San Francisco Labor Council

Ave M. Seltsam
Managing Director, Corporate Security Service, Inc.

Dana Serleth
President & CEO, Every Child Can Learn Foundation

Abby Snay
Executive Director, Jewish Vocational Service

Erika Thorson-Gar
Vice President, Staffing Manager, Bank of America

Daniel Whooley
Training Director, Apprenticeship Program, San Francisco Electrical Training Trust, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers/Local 6

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post Aug 17 2004, 08:58 AM [ Post #3 ]


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Corcoran Found Not Guilty In "Craig" Murder

Breaking News August 15, 2006:

This just in Ladies and Gentleman, Barbara Corcoran, Head of New York Real Estate Behmoth The Corcoran Group, was found NO GUILTY today of hacking Craig Newmark to death with a high priced ultra-expensive designer steak knife. Newmark was founder and chairman of the internet phenom known as Craigslist.

A jury of Corcoran's peers found that Corcoran was justified in killing Newmark to protect her $6.5 Billion real estate empire from "some swissy little outback San Francisco Fruit Cake" (as one juror put it).

"Listen", said Corcoran, "I try to be a nice person, I like give to fahking charities and *hit and I try not to spit on the fahking homeless. But I'm not about to just sit around and watch $6 Billion fahking dollars go up in fahking smoke because some fahking California Fruit Cake wants to like be like some kind of fahking Real Estate Mother Fahking Theresa. The Beauch HAD to die!"

Newmark's parents and siblings were shocked at the verdict. "I can't believe this city", said Newmark's Brother, "What kind of people think that killing someone trying to do good is okay? I can't wait to get out of this fahking town!"
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