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> Conan O'Brien Will Never Host The Tonight Show
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Christopher Paige

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I will believe that Conan O'Brien will host the Tonight Show when I see it.

Tell me this, if NBC let David Letterman go for Jay Leno and ended up making a fortune by doing so, why would NBC give a *hit about something like Conan O'Brien? If NBC had lost millions of dollars by not trying harder to keep Letterman, I could see NBC not wanting to repeat such mistake again. But NBC letting Letterman go was the greatest business decision NBC made since NBC forced Carson out.

There seems to be a lot of leaping forward in the corporate world lately. The CEO of Walt Disney WILL be retiring so shareholders TODAY should stop trying to get rid of him. Jay Leno WILL be leaving the Tonight Show, so people TODAY should stop wonderinga about what will happen to The Tonight Show and Conan O'Brien. Is it like guaranteed that Conan O'Brien will definitely still be living in 2009?

I don't really see the logic of projecting 2, 5 years into the future when you are talking about organisms that only have a good 65 years on the planet.

One of the items in a report I read on the Leno Succession Plan is the claim that NBC consulted Johnny Carson about the move. Doesn't NBC hate Johnny Carson? Why would NBC consult Johnny Carson on anything?

I don't know what is behind NBC announcing the Leno Succession Plan, but I have a feeling that it is intended to accomplish the same thing that Disney accouncing that Eisner will retire, i.e., to shut up some noise makers temporarily.

I don't see Conan O'Brien as any hot property that NBC would give a *hit about. Regis Philbin today joke that his ratings were four times higher than Conan O'Brien's.
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