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Christopher Paige

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When I first heard about the idea that unemployment was going to give people looking for work free training to help get other work, I was prepared to kill as many people as necessary to get the training.

Literally, when I went to unemployment to apply for the free training and this Mandinka Beauch looked up at me while she was talking on the telephone and said: "What do you want?", I could picture myself kicking her to death. Or maybe kicking her to near death, reviving her and then repeating the procedure.

I had to complain and complain and complain to eventually get approved for the training. I was interested in Networking training and or C++ training.

Now, after I finally manage to get approved for the training, I couldn't find a school that would ALLOW me to get the training, even though Unemployment was paying the schools to do the training.

The thing here was that, at the time, all of these schools knew that they stood to make more money from the State if they could place the people they trained in jobs. So, ALL of these schools at the time were not really interested in actually training people. These schools going after people who actually didn't need training because they knew that they could place experienced people (who didn't need training) in jobs with their contacts.

For example, I was sent to this Jewish Faith based school in Brooklyn that had a lot of contracts with Jewish owned companies in and around Brooklyn to place people that they trainined. Now, I am an engineer and with the money to pay for training in C++, but this school refused to accept me into the course. This guy told me that I didn't have any experience in C++ (and everyone I saw teaching at this school and getting trained at this school appeared to me to be Jewish).

Like if I already knew C++ and had experience in it, why the fhak would I been seeking to get training in their fhaking school?

This is soooo fahking New York. New York is just one fahking racket after another. You would be hard pressed to find any company anywhere in New York City that isn't involved some kind of racket.

Fortunately for me at the time, there was Xincon Tech School. Xincon Tech School was the only school that would allow me (and other non-Whites it appeared) to take training. And get this, Xincon Tech School had a package for UI people to get A+, MCSE, Unix AND Cisco all for the price that UI paid. This was training far and away superior to anything that any other school was giving.

I'm not saying that Xincon Tech School is some do gooder enterprise seeking to help people. But Xincon Tech School is in business to make money and they are not going to turn you away if you have a voucher from UI to pay for training. Now, this would be a normal thing anything else in America, but in New York City this little fact alone makes Xincon Tech School exceptional.

Please Don't Bother Career Blazers

Let me repeat something. I am an engineer with an engineering degree from Northwestern.

I went to Career Blazers in New York City to apply for their networking training course and these people looked at me as if I was a homeless person who wanted to live in their house.

Let me repeat that Ithe State of New York was paying for the training.

So, you would think, what could the problem be? If you are a business and someone is seeking a service from your business and has the money to pay for it, what is the problem?

The problem is that this is New York City and there are people in New York City who are more interested in DENYING someone something than they are interested in making money.

Career Blazers was hostile towards me and they seemed annoyed that I would even ask them for training. This one woman who was INTERVIEWING UI training applicants told me that my Engineering Degree was meaningless because their networking teacher didn't have an engineering degree and he was a genius.

I was REJECTED by Career Blazers for training. I got a letter in the mail from Career Blazers rejecting me for training. Are you getting this? I went to a business with the money to pay for a service the business was offering and they rejected me. No only was I rejected by Career Blazers, but they actually seemed pissed off that I even applied to them in the first place.

Maybe by reporting this story, I can help prevent Career Blazers from having to suffer with other people in New York City going to them seeking training.

Christopher Paige
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