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> John Freeman, Insider Trading Temp
Ross Russell
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John Freeman, Insider Temp on the right

Wouldn't you know that the temp who ***ked-up investment banking temping for everyone would be a wanna-be actor.

Maybe this will make me. John Freeman leaving court after pleading guilty.

John Freeman was the "insider trader temp" who used information from stuff on pending mergers and deals he came across temping at Goldman Sachs and CS First Boston and sold it to people on the internet for money and gifts (like I think I read that in one instance he was paid with a case of wine).

And get this,

After being caught and pleading guilty to criminal charges in exchange for blabbing on the people he sold the insider info to, it looks like Freeman didn't have to pay any of the money he got back because he had spent it all and was broke.

I think that I actually met Freeman when he temped at a law firm I was temping at..


Back in the old days of investment banking temping, a select few of us lucky temps were able to move from one IBank to another freely making tons of money. It was not uncommon for a temp to be temping at one investment bank during the day and working at another investment bank at night and yet another investment bank on weekends.

I even knew of idiots at two investment banks who KNEW that they had permanent employees of competing investment banks temping in their word processing centers.

But all that "free for all temping at investment banks" ended with John Freeman's little insider trading shit show. Now investment banks want to do background checks, credit checks, get photocopies of your circumcision scar and all kind of other crap before you can temp for them (as if the stupid ***kers could actually spot an insider trader).

The joke is that Freeman HAD gone through a background check by the temp agency that sent him to GS and CSFB and he still ended up selling insider information.

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