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What is a Relationship LLC (R)
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Directories of Law Firms
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Posted by Critter - 07-29-04 13:27 - 1 comments
There is a pissed off man right now trying to figure out a way to get some of the billions of dollars ideas of his are generating.

This Man created a lot of superhero characters as an at-will employee of a comic book company. As an at-will employee of the comic book company, the man signed away any rights he had to his ideas and gave all of the rights to the ideas to his employer.

As almost any engineer knows, MOST, if not all, of the really techincal employers require that engineers and researchers give the company all rights to any inventions or other intellectual property employees come up with.

one rather interesting moment in the movie "The Pirates of Silicon Valley" shows Steve Jobs et al nevously awaiting HP's decision on whether it would exercise its rights to the Apple computer. Since the guy who designed the first Apple Computer (Wozniak) was an HP employee, HP had all rights to anything the guy designed.

Even silly ass CLERICAL fahking companies now are starting to put clauses in their employment offers stating that they have all rights to any intellectual property that you come up with if you are dumb enough to accept at-fahking-will employment with them.

consider this for a minute, the company offering you and at-will job is saying: "while I want to keep the right to fire you at any time for any reason, if you come up with something that is worth millions of dollars, I want all rights to it". If you are going to work as an at-will employee, it seems to me that you would want to pick the dumbest job that pays the most for the least amount of work. Why would anyone pour their heart and soul into a fahking at-will job? How would you feel watching someone make billions of dollars off of a cartoon character that you invented for $25.00/hr?

The fact is that if you have the slightest of clues and you have even a modicum of things going on for YOURSELF, you have an interest in protecting your rights to intellectual property you create. AND, the best way to protect your IP rights is to either (a) have your employer specifically wavie any claims to your IP when they make you an offer of employment; or (b) to temp (i.e. not be anyone's employee).

Personally, as long as I can make a living temping, I have no desire for a permanent job. First, there is no group of people in New York City that I won't end up thinking of ways to kill after working with their idiot fahking ugly aasses for more than a week. AND, I have a lot of IP that I want to keep the rights to.

Word Processing and working in Word Processing Centers, in my opinion, provides the biggest bang for the buck when you are trying to get your own business going. Word processing is so fahking stupid even chimps could do it (if you go into most word processing centers you can actually see Chimps already doing it). AND, in New York City, you can make more money temping in a Word Processing Center than engineers make outside of New York City.

Word Processing Centers (especially at law firms) are full of the dumbest uglest fahkers on the fahking planet. But, if you can actually stand to work with these idiot ugly fahkers without killing them, the gig represents an enormous resource for people who own their own businesses and/or who actually have something else going on in their lives.

The above represents, in my opinion, why ALL word processing centers in New York City will end up being independent employee-owned companies and why all of the people currently working in word processing centers will be killed (so to speak). There is simply too much money involved in running word processing centers for companies to allow the idiot fahkers currently in them (and the temp agencies currently making money off of them) to go on living.

you know, prior to coming to New York City, I was an electrical engineer with the DOD; I worked on submarines and cruise missile targeting systems. I THOUGHT that I was somewhat smarter than the average idiot fahker and that I was somewhat TECHNICAL. However, since coming to New York City and working in word processing centers in New York City, I have learned that the REALLY TECHINCAL work is not working on cruise missiles for the Department of Defense but in getting the FONTS right in a Microsoft Word Document and applying automatic numbering to a brief. It is sooo fahking amazing to me that idiot fahkers in word processing centers actually THINK that fahking word processing requires a fahking brain and that they are smart (I have conditioned myself over the years not to react to some brain damaged White Beauch Actress explaining computers to me).

I have actually seen gangs of idiot fahkers in Word Processing Centers trying to solve EMERGENCIES when the fahking EMERGENCY was a fahking Microsoft Word Document.
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Posted by Critter - 07-22-04 21:32 - 0 comments
In the ten or so years that I have been temping in New York City, I have been in almost every company in NYC; certainly I have worked in every industry in New York City. The following are the Absolute Best Companies in New York City to Work For:

1. IBM - the only remaining multinational company that I have any respect for whatsoever is IBM. If you cold call most companies in New York City, there is a 99% chance that you will get some brain damaged ghetto beauch who will be eating and/or blowing her nose while she is talking to you (and she won't have a faking clue about anything). If you cold call IBM, IBM will route you to the department best capable of handling your question, and you will get an emailed response. IBM is absolutely beyond any doubt the absolute BEST company in the World. IBM is what the governemtn should be and enabler, IBM wants you to succeed using their products. Working for IBM may have some drawbacks, but it seems to me that even being at the bottom of the food chain at the greatest company in the world would be like a good thang.

2. American Express. There is only one company in New York City that I have worked for where everyone in the office that I was working in actually had work to do, that company was American Express (specifically in American Express' Tax Department). I just don't get WHY there are so many idiot fahkers with jobs who don't have sheat to do. What does it say about the American Workplace that, even when there was record high unemployment, there was still a *hit load of aholes with jobs and nothing to do? I went into American Express braced for attitude and I didn't run into any. American Express, like IBM, is so large and is involved in so many things that, it seems to me, once you get in you could do almost anything.

3. Swiss Investment Banks. Investment Banks in general are THE most professional work environments in New York City. You can walk into an insurance company in New York City or a commerical bank HQ in New York City and come face to face with screaming psycho beauches that everyone will be afraid to say anything to. There is almost ZERO chance that you will run across a NUT JOB beauch at any investment bank (because no one at any Ibank is likely to put up with some psycho beauch; not when they have enough money to either have the beauch killed or to pay her to go the fahk away). At most companies in New York, like ALL law firms, you are likely to run into ugly out-of-shape losers who only want to live long enough to retire. There are more people who actually have a fahking PURPOSE in life at investment banks than there are in any other industry in New York City (so what if that PURPOSE is to make a lot of money, at least they actually have a fahking purpose). All of the investment banks are great, First Boston, Lehman, Merrill, Swiss Bank/UBS. The only Bank I personally don't have time for is Goldman Sachs (but, if you are young, White, Male and Gay, even Goldman could be a great gig). Goldman Sachs is the only investment bank I have ever been in where when I passed someone on the hall and said hello, the purpose just stared at me like I was from Mars. I don't care how much money THEY make, they are not paying their support staff any more than any other IBank, so fahk'em (the rumor on the street is that they are the gayest IBank of them all).

4. Merrill Lynch. see above. I once informed Merrill Lynch that a bunch of psycho nut job Mandinka beauches on its staff were stealing from the company. Instead of Merrill just firing these ugly nut job beauches out right, Merrill did this elaborate investigation (before outsourcing the the butt-ugly fahkers). I was very impressed with out Merrill handled these dumb beauches. I figure I Merrill is professional and human toward aholes stealing from it, it has to be professional and human toward its normal humanoid staff. All investment banks are great, but Merrill is probably the best American investment bank for someone who is NOT White (this be coming from a Black Male).

5. Major Automobile Manufacturers. The ONLY private sector employees in America with the slightest fahking clue are Auto Workers. Auto Workers warned the nation back in the 80's of Corporate America's plan to automate and to outsource jobs offshore. Most if the idiots making $1+ million dollars at investment banks in New York City are still at-will employees (I just find it so fahking stupid and clueless that someone could be making BIG money ands STILL have no problem being a fahking at-will ahole working minute to minute). Ford, GM, Chrysler are great companies to work for because the Autoworkers guarantee that non-Union workers will, as a by-product of union contracts, have THE best wages and healthcare plans in the world. My first job out of college was for an automobile manufacturer, and it has been all down hill since then.
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Posted by Critter - 04-10-04 11:44 - 1 comments
You know it really is amazing the collection of lifeforms one has to sue one's way through to make a living in New York City temping.

Can you *** believe that the desk security for the Building that Shulte Roth is located in is actually calling up Shulte Roth and trying to get temp's assignments cancelled?

The good thing is that these people (if you have seen what they look like) would never make sympathetic defendants in court, so you can probably make a shit load of money suing the company that they work for if they do get your temp assignment cancelled. Most of these people doing security for buildings seem to work for some security temp agency, not the building.

I was sent to Shulte Roth to temp for a third shift and I asked the guy (the people at the front desk were all Black Guys) to call the WP Center and let them know that I had arrived. Ten, twenty minutes go by and the thang has still not called. It claims that the line was busy ten minutes ago, so it will call later.

I go outside of the building, use a pay phone to call Shulte Roth and ask that someone come down to the lobby.

Now when someone does come down to the lobby to pick me up, this guy tells the person that I was rude to him and that they should not use me.

Can you say income opportunity?

So, the Income Opportunity of the Year for the Year 2003 is the Reception Desk for the Building that Shulte Roth is located in.

Why work all year for $40,000 when you can get it in one day by suing a bunch of clowns?

a temp agency told me not too long ago that Sullivan Cromwell reported that a temp sent to them had passed their test but that she was RUDE to the security person at the front desk and that they therefore didn't want to use her. So, it looks like Sullivan Cromwell's building reception desk is also an income opportunity.
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Posted by Ross Russell - 03-3-04 15:21 - 0 comments
If you have found the information on this site useful, please show your support with a donation

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Posted by Critter - 02-29-04 02:37 - 1 comments
Temp Definitions

Ho - A Ho is someone with multiple sources of income

Employee - On the eighth day after creating the world, God sat down and concentrated on inventing a word for a dumb bitch who had only one John. The word he eventually came up with was E M P L O Y E E. Subsequently, the full effect of the term was considerably softened when Companies managed to convince a lot of dumb ass people that being an Employee was a good thang.

Check Cashing Place - This is where minority and ugly White temps go to cash their checks. The Pretty Whites and Cross-Over Temps like to give the impression that they make so much money that they can leave their checks lying around without cashing them right away and that they have their checks mailed to them or direct deposited instead of going personally to pick them up. Just for fun, ask a Presentation Center Temp/Actress if she knows where there is a check cashing place near-by, she will probably react as if you just threw dog shit in her face.

Training and Testing - This is something that minority and ugly White temps have to do in order to be considered by Temp Agencies for possibly being sent out on a job. Pretty Whites and Known Cross Over temps can get an assignment from an agency they have never been to by having another Pretty White or Cross Over Temp refer them; generally they call the agency from the job and give the agency their social security number and tax information.

Proof Reader Temp - a proof reader is an over educated white bitch with an eating disorder who has spent more than $120,000 on getting degrees yet still has no marketable skills. The only thing she has to sell is her ability to read and being a test subject for medical experiments. She sells her blood ocassionally.

Lawyer Temp - Lawyer temps are so proud that they have law degrees that they don't notice that everyone is laughing at them because they make less per hour than a word processor. They eventually break down, become word processors and never ever mentions again the fact that they have law degrees.

Permanent Paralegal Person - A permanent paralegal person is a dumb ass White Bitch who is too stupid to get a law degree and too poor to afford to go to law school. She has accepted a permanent job as a Para Legal because she is so stupid that she thinks that making $12.00/hr with a good fancy job title is better than making $35.00/hr with an uncool job title like word processing. The question everyone has is how do these people afford to live on what they make? If they are are not married, they must be hookers after hours.

An "Oscar" - An Oscar is a butt sucking Male Mandinka Temp who knows that he is too ugly and too Black to compete with Pretty Whites. So, Oscars make up for their handicaps by sucking every butt they run into, even temp butt (because you never know who may be able to help you). Oscars are named after a very famous butt-sucking ugly ass Black Mandinka temp who managed to suck his way all the way up to getting hired as a new two-year analysts at Morgan Stanley.

Graphic Artists - Graphic Artists are over educated Whites and Asians who are too psychotic and too drugged-up to function during the day as administrative assistants. They cannot tolerate direct sun light.

Actor Temps ™ - actor temps (generally Whites) at some point in time sustained some serious brain damage. They have never and will never ever actually get any acting jobs, they just think that saying that they are actors makes them better than Blacks who are making more money than they are. Most actors and actresses were hustlers and hookers until a non-profit organization taught them how to turn a computer on and act like a word processor. The Actresses generally end up getting beaten to death, chopped up into bits and stuffed into garbage bags by their husbands on Long Island (when their husbands realize that they married hookers). The Actors generally end up doing Gay Porn after the Supervising Thang that they were sleeping with gets fired and they are unable to find anyone else to take care of them.

Long Term Temp - Long term temps are not good looking enough to be successful but just okay looking enough to serve as a dating pool for Supervising Thangs. They generally manage to work for about 5 years after which time they are all fired so that they can be replaced with younger stock. After they are canned, most long term temps end up dying of starvation or of exposure when they are evicted from their apartments.

Help Desk Temp, Temp Supervisor. When a temp distinguishes himself or herself by being good in bed or good at sucking up to people, they are rewarded by being made either Help Desk Temp or a Temp Supervisor.

Cross Over Temp - Cross over temps are minority temps who are good looking enough or well endowed enough to cross over from being ordinary $18.00/hr temps into being $35.00/hr Presentation Center Temps.

Presentation Center Temps - generally white temps who have either put out already or have shown a willingness to put out in exchange for being allowed the opportunity to sit in an investment bank's word processing department listening to music on their CD players for $35.00/hr.

Supervising Thangs - Tired Ass Queens, Hard Up White Bitches and Psychotic Butt Ugly Black Chicks who have managed to become supervisors of word processing centers.

Income Opportunity - An income opportunity is a dumb ass employee of a deep pocket Client who gives you reason, cause and evidence to make a whole lot of money by suing them.

Dumb Ass Temp - A Dumb Ass temp is temping while working on his PhD in English. He has already spent about $150,000+ on his education and he makes more money as a temp word processor than he will ever make with his PhD in English. Dumb Ass is only registered with one temp agency.

DNU - Do Not Use. A term used by temp agencies for temps they do not intend to give any work to, for one reason or another. It is also the term Credit Suisse First Boston uses to refer to Custom Staffing.

Vicious Bitch Boy - Christopher Paige. Chris is just your normal average American Male/Ho, destroying lives and careers for fun and profit

Copyright 2000 Relationship LLC
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Posted by Ms Macaw - 02-23-04 16:38 - 1 comments
user posted image

All Men Are Temps ™ Forum

T -Shirts and Mugs

The days when a girl could depend on one man are long gone. Today, you need to create a LLC and have a collection of mens under contract, just for the bare necessities.

Here is my suggested listing of the minimum amount of mens a girl needs to get by these days:

1. Minimum of One Lawyer. Everybody needs at least one lawyer and have you seen what lawyers charge these days?

2. Minimum of One Doctor, think private healthcare plan

3. At least two mens who know construction. You are always going have a need for maintenance and construction work, so you got to have at least two mens who can do construction.

4. Two good looking dumb guys who never went to college. We all know that a man's value in bed DECREASES with the number of degrees he gets. There is something about an education that just turns men GAY. So, we all have to have at least two good looking dumb guys on payroll.


Instead of thinking about finding the right GUY (as in singular) like your tired ass grandma, think TEMP AGENCY. As the head of your own temp agency, you can have a COLLECTION OF MENs on payroll, get half of what they ALL make and you don't even have to put out.

Start Your Own Temporary Help Agency - start pimping some sperm chuckers
user posted image

even if you actually love a guy, the odds are he's still gonna die on ya!

Marilyn and some of her temps
user posted image

Temps Are A Girl's Best Friend
A wedding band on the finger may be quite continental
But temps are a girl's best friend.
A marriage license may be grand,
But it won't pay the rental on your humble flat or help
You at the automat
Marriages grown cold as girls grow old,
And we all lose our charms in the end.
But square-cut or pear-shape,

These guys don't lose their shape




are a girl's best friend.
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Posted by Ross Russell - 02-15-04 04:47 - 0 comments
Ajilon Legal is so much smarter than I am, that they can call me in for an interview under the guise that they actually have word processing clients, pick my brain for leads and then send me on my way after wasting about two hours of my time.

When I interviewed with Ajilon Legal, they didn't do any test, they didn't ask for any id and they admitted that their office had only been back open for about 8 months.

What a *ucking waste of time. If this is the kind of brain trust that a national temp agency can assemble, then we are all in trouble.

I sent them an invoice for $500 for my time and notice that I will sue after 30 days.

Ajilon Legal more or less admitted that they have ZERO word processing centers. What little legal clerical they have is secretarial and, apparently, they were looking for contacts from me at major law firms so that they could market what little paralegal and accounting business they have. These people are a waste of time .

I wish I could paint a picture for you of the woman at Ajilon Legal who interviewed me.

As I said above, the tip off that this woman was going to waste my time was that she didn't ask me for any id. Exactly how can anyone temp or work in the US without providing proof of citizenship?

It was clear to me from the start that this woman at Ajilon Legal and deliberately devised some little plan to waste my time, because she was convinced that she was smarter than me and anyone else who might be looking for temp work.

If you are trying to get temp work in New York City, you probably already know what this woman looks like.

She looks like what they all look like. She looks like a thang that could actually walk into a city of eight million humans and just automatically assume that she is smarter than all of the Black ones.

This woman at Ajilon Legal at one point assured me that she KNEW something to be a fact because she was a lawyer.

Well, if she was as good a lawyer as I am wouldn't she have known who I was?

I suppose that the ultimate case against Aijlon Legal is that they actually invited the publisher of the largest collection of websites in New York City on temping into their office (to pump for information), and they had no fahking clue who I was.
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Posted by Ross Russell - 12-31-03 00:58 - 4 comments
Wall Street Services has been idiot agency of the year for me for a number of years, but now we have a new Idiot Agency of the Year for 2003.

Taylor Hodson

When I went into register with Taylor Hodson, I saw people picking up checks, so these people must be giving someone work. And, YOU may be able to get a week or two of work from them if you really need work and want to run the risk. BUT,

These people did not think twice about telling me that they were not going to pay me.

I have always maintained that I do not tell people NOT to register with a certain temp agency because an agency that does not like me may like you. However, Wall Street Services was wasting a lot of people's time and I felt that a lot of people should be alerted to that before going to register with Wall Street Services.

Taylor Hodson is simply dangerous (in my personal opinion). I am very very serious. I would never set foot in this agency again. If I saw any of the people working for this agency on the street, I would cross the street (and or call a cop).

I just got the impression (true or not) that these people are capable of doing and saying anything, that in and of itself makes them dangerous (in my view).
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Posted by Critter - 12-11-03 13:24 - 6 comments
Viki Touchberry, that tired ass swamp Beauch who worked for First Boston, is dead

Well, actually,

the Beauch has been dead for about a year and a half,

I just like waking up in the the morning and yelling out my window

Viki's Dead!
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Posted by Ross Russell - 07-19-03 23:37 - 1 comments
The Hot Temp Agencies ™ Board is located at
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Posted by Ross Russell - 03-14-03 12:53 - 0 comments
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Posted by Ross Russell - 02-23-03 05:37 - 3 comments
If you are in need of work and you are turning to temping in New York, you have to just start registering with temp agencies until you find some that give you work.

There is no real way to know which agencies will give you work and which ones won't. I once registered with this agency at about 1:00 pm and I was convinced that I would never hear from them. The agency called me at 4:00 pm that day asking me if I could work THAT night.

If the agency forces you to go through very elaborate registration rituals, they either don't have any work or they don't like you, for one reason or another. Sometimes it is advisable to keep calling into an agency asking if there is work available, but in general, if they are not calling YOU, you need to keep registering with more agencies until you find ones that do call you. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is a required basic skill, but if an agency really needs people they will train you in whatever it takes to send you out on jobs.
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Posted by Ross Russell - 02-17-03 18:00 - 0 comments
if you are interested in finding temp agencies for specific industries and/or professions, you can search the 100+ temp agencies here by keyword. You may also search the 300+ temp agencies at the sites below by keyword.


and at

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Posted by Ross Russell - 02-17-03 16:26 - 4 comments
Desperately Seeking Temps ™
February 17, 2002
by Temping 247 ™
a Relationship LLC ® Outfit

There is always temp work, it is just a matter of finding out what agency has it, there are more than 1,000 temp agencies in NYC (and this does not even include consulting firms and outsourcing firms).


Until someone tells me otherwise, it looks like Legal Word Processing Centers is still where most of the action is. Note above that Bowne is looking for Legal Word Processors. Haven’t seen any advertising from Pitney Bowes lately, so maybe their little endeavor at Proskauer Rose is NOT getting bigger

The training available from unemployment is just incredible. I know of someone who got into a training program who is NOT unemployed, this just shows how much opportunity there is out there to get training and do other things

Worker Consortium/WCC annonces a new automate resume service. 1-888-NYC-JOBS (888-692-5627). If you have Internet access, you can go to www.888nycjobs.com and click on "new seekers." On the next page you can see how the system works and then click on "register." The system will then lead you through a simple process to create your own enhanced resume.

If you can’t find work, register for unemployment. If you don’t register for unemployment, you won’t qualify for the free training available through the new One-Stop Program. In NYC, most of the training is through The Consortium for Woker Education’s WCC, http://www.cwe.org. The division of the WCC that handles placement for displaced professionals is PROS, http://www.pros.cc

D.P. (212-679-8335) – legal secretaries; word proc operators; medical secretaries; exec admin secretaries;
Access (212-687-5440 x244) MSW for Win/Excel Secys;legal secys; receptionists;data entry
Jovan Staffing (212-599-2002) , MS Word Experts, exc asst/media industry
Fifth Avenue Temps (212)972-1111, Fax (212)972-7909 exec/admin assts, legal, secy, coders, scanners
Marathon Staffing liza@marathon-staffing.com - admin assts
Madison Avenue Temp (212-922-9040)
The Laury Group (212)832-3709
Olde Towne Personnel (212)631-7976
Vanguard (212-682-6400) – MSWW;WPW;Excel;Lotus; Powerpoint; Access
Todays Office Staffing (212)545-1736
The Supporting Cast (212-725-2577) – admin assist
Taylor Hudson (212-924-8300) – admin asst; receptionists; management; it
The Tuttle Agency (212)499-0759, Fax (212)499-9164, email teddv@tuttleagency.com. ; paralegals; fashion, advertising, hospitality; entertainment, publishing, medical, legal
The Employment Line (212-931-6435) admin asst; exec asst; office support
Quantum (212-972-1313) - legal secretaries, legal word processors, administrative assists, receptionists
Seque Legal Staffing (212)683-4295, 295 Madison Avenue. New temp agency seeking temps
RJL Resources, Inc. (212)684-5666, Fax (212)684-9449
Walsh Associates (212) 267-5521, Fax (212)571-5313, email walshop@aol.com. exec/admin asst, trading
Taylor Grey (212-687-8100) - accounting; advertising; entertainment, finance; legal;non-profit and publishing
Excellence (212)391-1010 Fax (212)391-1900 temp.excellence@verizon.net - executive assts; medical billing; medical secy
United Staffing Systems (212)743-0200 Fax (212)743-0397 temps@unitedstaffing.com. advertising, banking, entertainment, fashion, legal, medical, publishing, non-profit cosmetics, public relations, finances
Lloyd Staffing kbanks@lloydstaffing.com Fax (631)393-7707.
Staff One resumes@staff-one.net (212)497-9510
Executive Corporate Staffing (212) 972-0350, Fax (212)573-9050. Admin assts, data entry
Atrium Staffing (212)292-0551 resume@atriumstaff.com. Admin asst.
Metropolitan Companies (212-983-6060) wp, recept; admin asst; clerks; waitstaff/butler;
Merlin Temps (212-983-3533), Fax (212)972-1026; paralegals
Sloan Staffing Services (212)949-7200, fashion, bilingual, law, finance, architect
Essex Temp Service (212)391-1515. admin asst.
Claudia Cohen (212-983-9050) – Project Coordinator; powerpoint; word; excel; graphics designer
Office Team (212)480-0818; fax (212)68206702; 245 Park Ave, 25th Floor; exec sec; admin asst; receptionist
Forrest Edwards (212)986-3600, Fax (212)557-2753. admin asst publishing.
ASA Personnel (212)672-9342. Admin Asst
Ganior sandy@gainor.net. admin asst
Winston (212)557-500 (212)557-5000, Fax (212)682-4073. Admin assts, paralegals
Career Blazers (914)949-1166, Fax (212)949-2624, email resume@careerblazerswest.com
AccounTemps (212)687-7878, Fax (212)682-7749

Attorneys and Paralegals
Peak (212)792-7600, Fax (212)792-7698. Attorneys, paralegals
Meridian. info@meridianlegal.com (212)354-9300
Hire Counsel Fax (877)-905-0377, email hirecounsel@earthlink.net
TMP Worldwide (212) 981-7100 Fax: (212) 981-7171. Corporate, Erisa, T&E/Fiduciary, Tech Support, Patent & Trademark, Real Estate, Lit Support, Bankruptcy, Litigation, Entry-Level.
TMP Worldwide www.legal.eresourcing.tmp.com, Fax: (212) 981-7070. Attorneys
LSP/Legal Support Personnel (212)695-3999 fax (212)399-9067; long and short positions for legal professionals in NY; corporate; litigation; real estate; document coding
Robert Hadley Associates; (212)888-9090 fax (212)888-9655; paralegals
Update Legal (212)398-3605 email: ktsteinlage@updatelegal.com; paralegals and JDs
Special Counsel (212)218-7155 fax (212)218
Spherion Legal Group (212)953-0050 fax (212)953-9089 paralegals
Strategic Workforce Solutions (212)944-8448, www.strategiclegal.com - attorneys
LegalCareers.com (212)293-8920 fax (212)293-8925 paralegals
Buckley (212)344-9111 receptionists; admin assts; word processing
SunPro Staffing (212)799-3753 sunproductions@att.net; admin asst; word processors; MS Office
Esquire Legal Staffing (212)743-0291 fax (212)743-0163

EVERGREEN TEMP AGENCIES: These Agencies may not be currently advertising for people but are the agencies below should be part of every temp’s portfolio:
Advantage Human Resourcing (212-267-1400)
Jovan Staffing (212-599-2002)
Asset Staffing (212-481-4560)
Delta (212)869-7070)
Priority (212-697-0500)
Cameo (212-525-0050)
Rand Associates (212-867-3711)
Eden (212-685-4666)
Adecco (212-248-5627)
Quantum (212-972-1313).
Island Consulting Associates (212)679-7272

DESPERATELY SEEKING, RE-CURRING ADS: Looks the same as last week:
Access (631-777-2800) – legal secys; receptionists; data entry
D.P. (212-679-8335) – legal secretaries; word proc operators; medical secretaries; exec admin secretaries; paralegals
PNP (212-546-9094) - administration; fundraising; accounting; human resources; IT for non profits
Taylor Grey (212-687-8100) - accounting; advertising; entertainment, finance; legal;non-profit and publishing
Taylor Hudson (212-924-8300) – admin asst; receptionists; management; it
Vista Legal Staffing (212-557-6868) – legal secys; admin assts; wp center ops
Madison Avenue Temp (212-922-9040)
Todays Staffing (212-545-1736)
Claudia Cohen (212-983-9050) – Project Coordinator; powerpoint; word; excel; graphics designer
Walsh (212-937-5016) sales asst/re-org/tenders/income collections/financial acct-cpa;executive asst-steno. all
Vanguard (212-682-6400) – MSWW;WPW;Excel;Lotus; Powerpoint; Access
Savitt & CO (212-661-4100) – legal secretaries; recepts; word processors
Talent Tree (212-983-8748)
Todays Staffing (212-545-1736)
ATS Professional (newyork@ats-services.com,)
The Supporting Cast (212-725-2577) – admin assist
Merlin Temps (fax 212-972-1026)
Metropolitan Companies (212-983-6060) wp, recept; admin asst; clerks; waitstaff/butler; telemarketers; IT; accountants and auditors
Asset Staffing (212-481-4560) admin asst; wp operator; recept; general clerical; customer service
The Employment Line (212-931-6435) admin asst; exec asst; office support
Pyramid Personnel (212-213-0870) waitstaff; bartenders; graphic artists; recep; wp operators; convention staffing
Wall Street Services (212-509-7200) presentation specialists; wp operators; admin asst; proofreaders
ON THE MARKS Call Mickaela @ 212 986 7329, Fax # 212 986 7708 for appt.
Swingshift (203)622-4175. rec, admin asst and proofreaders
FORUM (212)687-4050, Fax (212)661-2789, 342 Madison Ave, Ste 509, NYC 10017, email peppolito@forumper.com. Accountants
Forrest Edwards (212)986-3600, Fax (212)557-2753. admin asst publishing.
Executive Corporate Staffing (212) 972-0350, Fax (212)573-9050. Admin assts, data entry
Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Marketing etc.
Sloan Staffing Fax (212)949-8599. AA/Legal Secretary
ASA Personnel (212)672-9342. Admin Asst
The Goodkind Group (212)570-5143. Admin Asst
Friedman Agency, (212) 695-4750. Legal Secretary
R M A 15 973-765-9000 FAX 973-765-9009 James St., Florham Park, NJ 07932. insurance industry
Showroom Model Asst, Administrative Asst, Receptionists & Prod Assts
Headway. email Wstern@Headwaycorp.com. Admin asst
Strategic Legal Resources Fax (212)944-8448. Attorneys
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